Mee Jawa breakfast (Cafe Sudu & Garpu - Miri)

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I'm spending my long weekend in Miri visiting my grandparents. Started the day with Mee Jawa for breakfast and it was AWESOME! Had our breakfast at Cafe Sudu & Garpu. They have a mix of local and western in the menu so there's a lot of variety to choose from. I've been to this place a few times and everything I ordered has been really good. Interior is comfy too.

I ordered Mee Jawa Special today. They added fried chicken wing and Tulang. Super delicious and tasted how Mee Jawa is supposed to be :D Satisfied!

Mee Jawa Special
Cafe Sudu & Garpu is located at Saberkas, Miri.

What I like about Christmas

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I like everything Commercial about Christmas. 

Growing up in KK and spending a few years in Miri, it’s like a huge salad bowl here. We are made up of so many races with different religions yet as cliché as this might sound, we live in peace and harmony – full of respect towards each other’s believes. And with festive seasons all year round, we get to celebrate together, in the spirit of being together.

So what do I like about Christmas?

1. Good Movies on TV
For real. They show all this good TV shows and movies around Christmas time. The channels would show Christmas special TV Shows or this is the time we get to watch all time classic movies like Home Alone. Disney Junior has been airing all princesses movies and I get to watch it with my daughter! I have forgotten most of the storylines so it was great to watch it all over again (can’t believe John Smith left Pocahontas in the end). 

2. Deco
I prefer the white Christmas theme - all snowy. There's something so magical about it! Snowflakes are just super pretty. All the malls in KK are going all out in Christmas deco with the trees, presents, santas, snowman, everything! Everything is bright with lights.  

3. Christmas Pop Songs
Not gospels. Commercial “I wana be with someone on Christmas” kinda songs – before you bash me up. Noticed how Christmas pop songs are always so cheerful and upbeat? They’re happy that Santa Claus is coming to town!

4. Tons of parking space at the office & no jams going to work
Well, not exactly because of Christmas. But it always happens at the end of the year. Everyone would usually extend their Christmas holidays all the way to New Year. Thanks to that, soooo many parking spots even though it’s 5 minutes to 8am.

5. Massive Sale everywhere: Online and Off!
'Tis the season to shop shop shop. I've been receiving tons of emails with SALE as titles - so difficult to say no to, and so difficult to ignore. 

And that's some of the things I like about this particular festive season. Wishing everyone who celebrates, a joyful day!

Salam Maulidur Rasul

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It's the birthday of our Prophet, Nabi Muhammad 

POPLOOK Gives Back x Landskap Malaysia

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POPLOOK is one of my favourite online shop ever since back in Uni. Simply because it offers simple and chic tops at reasonable prices (prices I can afford even while I was studying back then). I noticed POPLOOK has recently moved towards a more modest clothing concept with more variety of maxi dresses, long sleeves tops and headscarves. Their Celebrations and Weddings collection is to die for!

Source: @poplook
But what I liked to talk about in this post is their recent collaboration with Landscape Malaysia, The Rainforest Scarf. They released a beautiful collection of square printed headscarves named POPLOOK Gives Back x Landskap Malaysia. First look at the design, I was in love! Was anxiously waiting for it to be available on their website. Apart from the beautiful prints, this collaboration is intended to help replant trees that are now endangered - the Anisoptera Scapula. 
A monumental tree. Standing at heights of 45 metres with a girth of 4.5m, Anisoptera Scaphula is sadly now critically endangered. Native only to the rainforests of Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand and Bangladesh, we need to do something now before it becomes extinct.
Our design team at POPLOOK has created this exclusive printed scarf showcasing beautiful branches of the Anisoptera Scaphula. With the purchase of each scarf, one Anisoptera Scaphula tree will be planted. (Source:
The collection comes in 3 different prints and colours - Pearl Blush, Lunar Grey, Meadow Mist.

Source: @poplook

YABhg Tun Jeanne Abdullah and Poplook's fashion designer Nina (Source: @poplook)

All 3 colours on models with Poplook's fashion designer Nina (Source: @poplook)

I got myself the Pearl Blush. The scarf arrived in a pretty square box also printed with the Anisoptera Scapula theme. The fabric is made of Silk Satin.

My scarf and the box
With my Rainforest scarf and the lil' missy

It's good to know that I helped to plant a tree and get to own a beautiful scarve :) Lets join the effort and get yours today at! If you need help with styling the scarf, here's a video tutorial and a brief review by Nina from poplook.

Kolok Kravings with Maggi Mi Kolo

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As a person with a Sarawakian tongue not living anywhere in Sarawak, there's a constant craving for Mee Kolok and Laksa Sarawak. I've tried making Laksa Sarawak once - tasted alright, and also tried making Mee Kolok - tasted good but not great. I'm still searching for recipes I could try and feel hopeful that it would taste as authentic as possible (or at least taste very very good lah).

In the mean time, Maggi now makes Mee Kolok! Or as they say it on the packaging - Maggi BIG Kombo 2 in 1, Mi Kolo. I just have to try!

Say hello to my dinner. It still looks very "Maggi Mee" though.

And tasted very Maggi Mee, actually. I liked the taste and soup was nice but it was not Mee Kolok. It was not even near. Maybe I needed the condiments at pictured?

For those who don't mind that this doesn't really taste like Mee Kolok, it is still a nice flavour. I would still eat this but not to satisfy any Kolok Kravings.

So far we have discovered a place that serves really good Laksa Sarawak at City Mall's food court. But none for Mee Kolok. If you have any places to recommend with good Sarawakian food here in Kota Kinabalu, do leave a comment and I'll definitely check it out!

The sushi experience at Sushi Zanmai, Imago

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Sushi Zanmai has recently launched their latest outlet here at Imago Shopping Mall. Unlike the one in Suria Sabah where they have to compete with Sushi Tei and Sushi King just next door, here in Imago they are by far the first and only Japanese Restaurant. It’s always good news for me cos I’m a huge Sushi fan and we’ve been spending more time at Imago these days. Imago Shopping Mall is very convenient in terms of parking (still FOC), there’s Everise for groceries, MBO for movies and countless of food variety.

Picture taken from Imago's FB Page
So we had lunch here last weekend. Everything was great but they had mistakenly punched our order of Chicken Katsudon with Ramen Katsudon. We had to wait more than 30 minutes only to know about the wrong order, and another 15 minutes for the actual Chicken Katsudon to be served. This kind of mistake could easily happen anywhere but I liked how Sushi Zanmai dealt with it. They continuously apologize while serving the order (√), gave us free dessert (√), and upon paying my bill – the cashier asked about our food, and again apologize for the mistake (√).

My own work requires me to sometimes deal with consumers almost on a daily basis. When things go wrong, it is important to always first acknowledge the mistake. Then do all you can to rectify.

And give free desserts if you can ;D

Sushi Zanmai is located on Ground Floor, just next to Sasa and Cotton On.

Imago is in the mood for Christmas with a purple Christmas Tree in front of the mall, and these pretty anime-like dolls (Fairies? Angels?) at Centre Court.

There's something refreshing about this deco compared to the common Christmas Trees and Santa Claus. But that's just what I think. 

Happy Christmas shopping eveyone!

Starting blogging again

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Once you started blogging, you'll always find a way back to it no matter how long your hiatus have been. That's for me anyways. I officially started blogging since 2002 thanks to a friend in high school who introduced me the wonders of blogger and photoshop. Creating blogger skins and templates were addictive back then. My early years of blogging is no longer present in the online search (Thank God!). Though I still have an active blog linked to my blogger profile, I wanted to start fresh with a slightly different approach in content.

This blog will hopefully be filled with more info-useful posts to my future readers. It can be anything random from travel stories to reviews. I can sometimes be quite opinionated so do expect some rant on what I think of on current issues. 

To a new beginning!