Saying goodbye to 2015

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2 days late for a new year's post! I thought I'd skip reviewing my 2015 due to extreme laziness because when I tried to think back if anything major happened, I blanked out. So I tried to sit down and gave it a little more thought trying to put it in words.

I had a major milestone in 2015 - I started wearing the headscarf / hijab on the first day of Ramadan. The decision itself came months before that (or maybe even a year) and I finally made up my mind that the time has come for me to start wearing the headscarf. It was also a journey of rediscovering faith. You know how we all have a checklist for things to do? It's like I have this imaginary list with hijab and praying at the bottom somewhere. So it always felt like it's something I have to do but I just didn't get around of doing it yet. I had my turning point a few months before Ramadan making me want to rediscover my faith, start to know Islam a little bit better and making it a top most priority. First day of Ramadan came, and I did it! I prayed everyday so Allah would give me courage to start wearing the hijab, and to never take it off. Alhamdulillah, it has been a good journey. It was a bumpy start, but I'm blessed with supportive family and friends.

We went to Gold Coast for our family vacation this year! Surfers Paradise was so good, we already made plans to come back on our last day. We stayed at Hilton Surfers Paradise Hotel and got ourselves a sea-view room. Our morning view was amazing! It was just the start of winter so it was nice and cold (and sometimes freezing cold at night). We visited the Warner Bros Movie World, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, rode in the Aqua Duck, Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary and even made a short road trip to Brisbane.

I started watching K-Dramas again thanks to my SIL. I watched tons of K-Dramas back in Uni but that was like 6 years ago? It was Hari Raya and we were hanging out at Opah's house watching TV. We flipped through some channels and ended up watching a Korean drama. She insisted I must watch The Heirs and passed me the CDs when we got back home. Took me a few weeks before I finally watch it and guess what - I was hooked. Again. and Again. I even ended my last day of 2015 and started my first day of 2016 watching a K-Drama, Oh My Venus! I might start to do reviews on the ones I liked. K-Dramas I've watched in 2015 and my ratings (5 stars max!):

  • The Heirs (2013) - 
  • Master's Sun (2013) - 
  • Birth of a Beauty (2014) - 
  • High Society (2015) -  (Wasted my life watching this)
  • Oh My Ghostess (2015) - 
  • The Mask (2015) - 
  • Healer (2015) - 
  • Remember You (2015) - 
  • Kill Me Heal Me (2015) - 
  • Fated To Love You (2014) - 
  • Marriage Not Dating (2014) - 
  • Sassy Go! Go! (2015) - 
  • Oh My Venus (2015) - Ongoing 
  • Whoahhh, 13 dramas in 5 months! All those hours! Hahaa...

    And finally, I started blogging again :) Not sure how consistent I would be blogging from here onwards but I'll try to keep this space updated as much as I can.

    And that wraps up my 2015 before diving into 2016.

    Happy New Year!

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