THEFACESHOP - CC Intense Cover Cushion VS Aura CC Cream Review

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I have been using BB cream for almost 3 years now so when CC cream was introduced in the market, it's only matter of time before I give it a go! I purchased THEFACESHOP Aura CC Cream first a month ago, before deciding to try out their CC Intense Cover Cushion.  I have combination skin (oily T zone) and here's my review.


Unlike other brands where CC creams are usually in a tube, this Aura CC Cream comes in a compact packaging. There's a button that you need to press to get the product out. The texture of the CC cream is on the thicker side. It comes with a sponge for you to even it out on the face. It takes a while of getting used to the whole mechanism with a liquid product instead of powder, but it's doable.

I noticed if I pressed the liquid out and use the sponge to put it on my face, most of the product would end up on the sponge instead of my face (kinda wasted) and it's also a bit difficult to sponge it out evenly on my skin. So instead of directly using the sponge (excuse my dirty sponge picture), I would use my finger first to make a few spots on my face and then use the sponge to even it out. I find this way more practical due to the thick texture.

I would give it A+ for coverage! However, some parts of my cheeks felt drier after using it for 2 weeks so I tried adding in emulsion (Etude House Aloe Moistfull Emulsion) into my skincare routine. My skin got better so I continued using the Aura CC Cream.

THEFACESHOP CC Intense Cover Cushion

The CC Intense Cover Cushion also comes in a compact packaging. It comes with a free refill when I bought it (this month's promotion only so hurry!). However, as the name says it, it has a cushion that you press with a sponge instead of dealing with any liquid! This CC Cushion design looks better too probably because it's a newer product-release compared to the Aura CC Cream. It also comes with a sponge just like the Aura CC Cream.

I like how I still experience liquid coverage without the liquid hassle. The cushion design eases application of the product directly onto the skin. I've been using this for only a few days, so far it has been good. I was informed by the salesgirl that this will have less coverage compared to the Aura CC Cream. It's true that the Aura CC Cream has better coverage due to the thick texture. However, I feel that this CC cushion gives enough coverage for daily wear. Unless you plan to make up for an event, the CC cushion is sufficient.

It also comes with SPF50+ which is truly essential for any product if you live on this side of the earth. But I would still suggest putting on a separate sunblock before putting on the CC Cushion for maximum protection.

What do I think?

My verdict? I love both! Though I have my heart set on the cushion just a lil' bit more. It's just so much more convenient and I like to know my products have SPF!


I recently became a fan of THEFACESHOP products. I once tried their Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam 2 years ago but was disappointed with the results. I had pimples after using it for a month so I had to stop before it gets any worse. I've been jumping around with cleanser products since then until my friend recommended their Chia Seed range. I was a bit hesitant because of my previous experience, but I somehow got curious and still wanted to give it a try. Surprisingly - it works wonders and more!

What I'm trying to say is when it comes to choosing products for your skin, it's really trial and error. There's no specific product that would work on all skin types. So go ahead and experiment!

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